We support food industry.

In thorough site principles, let's aim at the improvement of the food factory.


Management philosophy

・I make every possible effort for healthy development of the food industry.

・I support a company structure to last long to aim at the company for 100 years.  


 I won an excellent prize of Sapporo venture grand prize 2016.

 The front center is the Mayor of Sapporo-City. The rear right-side is the president Naoki Kon.


I concluded Sapporo food safety, a relief promotion agreement in 2015.

The rear left-side is our representative director Naoki Kon.




The company location April, 2017 move     ●The head office: 〒 002-8026   3 Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi Shinoro Article 6 chome 7-3 (and the home)   TEL: 011-555-8569   FAX: 011-206-6705     ●Research and development room: 〒 004-0015   1 Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi
Research and development room : Sapporo electronics center

Company location


●Head office :

   〒 002-8026

     7-3, Shinoro 6 jo 3 chome,  kitaku, 

           Sapporo-City, Japan 

  TEL: 011-555-8569   FAX: 011-206-6705


●Research and development room :

   〒 004-0015

     Sapporo electronics center 210, 

           1-10, Simonopporo techno park 1 chome, Atubetsu-ku, Sapporo-City, Japan  

  TEL: 011-375-7772   FAX: 011-375-7784 

    Research and development general manager : Toshio Takai

          (first-class hygiene manager, intermediate food indication diagnosis person,

            the second kind electricity construction person, the second grade boiler engineer,

            HACCP class completion)



Representative profile


Representative director :  Naoki Kon


Born in 1971

Born place: Sapporo-City, Hokkaido


I graduated from Sapporo University. 


IRCA FSMS  Provisional Auditor 

Researcher Tokyo University of Agriculture 


I worked for seafoods factory for 10years.

And Fruit factory 3years,and sweets factory 6years.


So I am a food expert.


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